A Visit to the British Library

I’ve spent my first 48 hours in Europe with my sister in London. Yesterday, my sister needed to scout out the British Library for an upcoming project that her students will be doing, so I went too.  The British Library is part museum, part library.  We spent the majority of our time in the gallery that is the home to many really interesting documents.  Manuscripts of some remarkable works of literature handwritten by their authors (Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, Percy Shelley).  I loved seeing the edits these authors made to their own great works.  Random bits of paper with the lyrics to Beatles’ songs scrawled on them by Ringo Star and John Lennon.  I saw a good number of illuminated medieval manuscripts including a great one of Vergil’s Aeneid which was open to the beginning of the second book, the very first lines of Vergil that I ever read.  There was also a Gutenberg Bible that was spectacular.  In addition to the document gallery, we checked out a special exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.   On display were various illustrated editions of the story, art work inspired by Alice, and lots of toys.  It was cool, but I remain troubled by a drawing of the Cheshire Cat that I can’t shake…

7 thoughts on “A Visit to the British Library

  1. Welcome to Europe! By the time you’ll reach Groningen, things will have slowed down. It has been FREEZING cold over there! Enjoy you sister’s company and GB!

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